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Tips for a Successful Hiking Holiday in Canada

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

If you feel up to the task, then by all means plan every aspect of your excursion yourself, but for many, the fear of missing something out is great enough to ensure that they enlist the help of a travel company. There are plenty of specialist companies who will be only too happy to help you arrange the perfect Canada hiking holiday, and there are many benefits of travelling with an experienced operator.

Take the Right Equipment:

This is especially important if you’re a first time hiker. It’s worth investing in some proper gear – there’s no reason to spend a fortune on the best-known top end brands, but it’s also very likely that buying the cheapest stuff will turn out to be a false economy. If you buy decent equipment, you’ll be taking the correct steps to protect your body during your hike. As well, the Canadian climate can be changeable, so it’s important to pack according to the season, and which part of Canada you will be visiting.

Prepare your Legs

So, you’ve had a look through the brochures and you’ve begun dreaming about standing on top of the world, looking out across the vast wilderness of the Canadian Rockies. But a walking or hiking holiday will be all the much more enjoyable if your body is prepared. A training period of light walks that gradually increase in difficulty will improve both your fitness and make your feet used to your walking shoes – essential for getting the most out of your Canada hiking holiday.

Be sure to Insure

For many it’s an important step to take before a holiday at anytime, but when it comes to something like a walking tour in the Canadian Rockies, it’s vital to be covered by travel insurance. If anything unfortunate does happen, you might be far away from immediate help and any costs of rescue will have to be covered. Travel insurance is very affordable and will give you some peace of mind if things go awry.

Everything in Order?

It’s vital that you have fully valid documentation including passports and visas and that your vaccines are up to date. If you’re travelling from the UK, you can check on endemic diseases, health outbreaks and vaccination requirements via the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s travel advice pages for Canada.

Dig Beneath the Surface

Before you embark on your Canada hiking holiday makes sure you take the time to find out about the local culture and people in this fascinating country. Even though you might think you know some of the history, in Canada, there is always a surprise around the corner if you take the time to do a little digging..

Canadian Travel Insurance

Friday, May 11th, 2012

Canadians are well known for their unique sense of humor, their hospitality, their smiles, and their generosity and of course, their habitual extravagance for travel. It is not unusual that some of the world’s most well traveled people are Canadians. These beautiful Canadians love the sun, culture and food. If you are considering taking a trip to Canada, you should take care of a few things. Canadian travel insurance is important to have if you are leaving your home province.

Travel insurance in Canada is crucial because if you become ill or have an accident outside of your home province, your provincial health plan may not cover all of the medical bills. Additional travel insurance can cover unexpected expenses such as if you require immediate medical attention, if your possessions get stolen or damaged, if you experience a flight or travel accident, etc.

Without Canadian travel insurance, you may be required to pay unforeseen medical expenses and you would not have coverage for lost, stolen or damaged luggage, flight delays or cancellations. Anyone planning a trip outside of his or her home province or territory should obtain travel insurance so that they are covered anywhere and everywhere they travel.

You are also advised to have your passport and birth certificate with you in your travels. If you have a family, make sure they have all of the proper identification and information as well. Other than that, doing the proper research and properly planning out your trip well in advance will go a long way to ensuring a successful journey.

Canadians should visit as much of Canada as possible in their lifetime. There are so many incredible things to do and unbelievable sights to see that it is almost impossible to see them all! After traveling all or most of Canada, not only will you learn a lot about your home country, you will also be able to tell people how great it is and recommend the best places for them to visit..

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